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Application for Membership

Our membership year runs from 1st February to 31st January and the fee is £20 per person.  (That equates to around 40p per week).  To apply for membership you can visit the club in person or click the "join" button.


As a member you can:

  • Purchase spirits at 35ml instead of the usual 25ml you get in a local pub

  • Play Skittles, Darts, Snooker

  • Play Bingo - HOY! Bingo, CASH Bingo, Easter & Christmas PRIZE Bingo

  • Enter the Box Draw, Easter, Summer & Christmas PRIZE draw

  • Attend our events, such as music on Saturday nights, race nite, cocktail night

  • FREE special event nights for MEMBERS such as Valentines, New Years Eve, Halloween, St Georges Day, President's Night & Boxing Day celebrations

  • Sign in a limited amount of guests per month

  • Play the fruit machine and purchase our lottery cards where you can WIN up to £300 CASH!

  • Hire any of our facilities 

  • Receive a monthly email newsletter

  • Doom Bar - Purchase 9 get 10th free

You are most welcome to come along to the club and view the facilities, meet our members and discuss membership with a member of the committee or staff. 

We also offer a temporary membership for those who do not wish to commit to purchasing full membership whilst deciding if the club is right for you.

The members bar is open from 7pm Monday to Saturday.

We welcome children into the club as long as they are supervised by an adult.


We look forward to meeting you!

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