All our Committee Members volunteer their time to assist with the running of the club and we are currently looking to fill various vacancies on the committee.  Being a Committee Member is very rewarding where we value your input and ideas to enable the club to continue running, it is also an opportunity for you to meet new friends.   For those who are unsure as to what is involved in being a committee member, Heather Jones has kindly provided us with her input of being a committee member.  

                            Your Committee


     Chairman             President               Vice President

Mr Mike Wreford         Mr Graham Jones                Mr Mick Jones

                Treasurer                  Secretary

                    Mr John Davis                     Mrs Marilyn Poat


                          Committee Members    

    Mrs Suzanne Flaherty    Mr John Flaherty     Mr James John     Mr Graham Jones  

     Mrs Claire Jones     Mr Gary Jones          Mrs Heather Jones           Mr Mick Jones   

     Ms Pauline Penna         Mrs Kelly Rowland   Mrs Julie Woollett      Mr Tony Woollett